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Spiritual Healing Testimonials

Listed below are only a few of the many healings realized by Grace during her spiritual healing/metaphysical healing practice over the last 15 years. Healings ranged from being spontaneous to evolving over a period of time, with most evolving or emerging. Results varied as to how fast and to what degree healing was realized. The variations were due to differing factors such as consciousness of the individual, dedication to and desire for healing, compliance with Spiritual Law, Race Consciousness, and other factors. The bottom line always was, and still is, that healing and improvements did come, can come, and will come with the proper use of spiritual healing/metaphysical techniques combined with the conditions and dictates of Spiritual Law.  

   All healings come through God, the Higher Power. Spiritual healing work (which includes affirmations) creates a bridge between you and God to make healing possible. Once this bridge is created, the action of the healing work, whether it be spiritual mind treatments, affirma­tions, visualizations, or another healing tool, creates and directs energy that rearranges and transforms existing energy patterns (old energy patterns that create and maintain the unwanted condition or situation) into new, desired energy pat­terns of health, prosperity, and harmonious relation­ships.
The newly created healing energy operates like a magnet with dual polarities; it repels and negates the energy that creates what you don’t want in your life (illness, lack, problem relationships) and attracts and creates what you do want in your life (health, prosperity, loving relation­ships).
Many people have the misconception that God was active only in times of yore. They either don’t realize, don’t know, or don’t believe that there is a Higher Power actively working for good in today’s world. But there is a Higher Power active in today’s world, working to heal us and help us, as attested to by the testimonials on this page.
Not believing that a Higher Power exists doesn’t negate the fact that time and again there does seem to be something that can and does help us at times when we can’t seem to help ourselves, and this something can and does change the paths of outcomes such as when terminal cancer suddenly disappears or a malfunction of the body suddenly begins to work normally again.
What causes healings such as those mentioned above to occur from expected negative out­comes? People over the ages have tried to find the answer to this question and while some answers have been found, there doesn’t seem to be one, certain, irrefutable answer. So we work with what knowledge we have, always reaching out to do better ... to learn more and to get more answers.
Some of the things that we have learned is that 1) thoughts are energies that can be controlled and directed, and 2) when we control and direct our thoughts in accordance with Spiritual Law we can influence and control outcomes, and create new desired outcomes, to varying degrees.
And that’s why this site is here and why these books have been written ... to help you learn how to control outcomes in your life, and realize healings.
It is my deepest hope that whatever in your life needs healing becomes healed now, that you may be healthy, prosperous, and in happy, harmonious relationships filled with peace, and love.
Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and
As long as there is a breath of life in your body,

Healing is always possible.
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Affirmation Healing TestimonialsSpiritual Healing Testimonials

• Spiritual mind healing treatments
• Energy healing treatments that use the following types of energy, singly or in combination: mental energy, continuum energy, quantum energy, kinetic (motion) energy, cyclonic energy, vortex energy, prayer energy, and Truth energy.
• Affirmations
• Visualizations
• Imagery
• Working with Truth – 1) knowing, realizing, recognizing Truth vs appearances, 2) using/directing Truth principles, thoughts, words, prayers, writings, state­ments, assertions, declarations, affirmations, denials, and imagery for purposes of healing, 3) creating and directing Truth energy.
Although Grace’s newest book, Affirmation Healing, deals only with healing of the human body,* Grace’s 15 years of spiritual healing work for others covered all areas of living: health, finances, relationships, careers, education, and more.
* NOTE: Affirmations and spiritual healing treatments are not to be used as replacements for medical care. Instead, they should be used hand-in-hand as each has its own place in healing. Grace has found over the years that affirmations, spiritual healing treat­ments, and medical care, when used concurrently, complement each other and work hard to facilitate healing (more info).
Grace uses the following spiritual healing / metaphysical healing tools, techniques, and methods, singly or in combina­tion when doing healing work for herself and others.
• The doctor's gave me little hope of complete recovery after a stroke affecting the left side of my body. After ten days of your treatment work, I felt a surge of energy through my body, like a warm wave or shock, and suddenly, all feeling came back to me and I have perfect control over my body now. You were right, dear Grace, all things are possible through God. You had faith when I lost mine. My body is entirely functional now. I thank both God and you.
• I can breathe now without my machines and medications. My doctor is amazed at my improvement. When I tell him God healed me, he gives me a "look" but doesn't say anything. You were right, Grace ... God heals! P.S. I still carry my meds with me just in case.
• I don’t need to wear my back brace anymore. It’s good to be without it.
• I'm okay, I’m okay ... the cancer tumors are gone. Where did they go? No one seems to know, they’re just gone. The x-rays showed tumors, and examination showed tumors. On the day of my surgery, the doctor wanted to check one more time, and the tumors weren’t there. Where did they go? I don’t know, I don’t care, I just know they are gone and I feel great!
• Even though the vet said my dog would never be able to bark again, she barks loud and clear now ... Sometimes too much! Spiritual healing really does work.  
• Through spiritual counseling and prayer I found the answers I was seeking to save my marriage ... and my life. Thank you ever so much for your kindness, patience and "listening ear."  
• When all seemed lost, and there seemed no way to get the money needed to save our business, your belief that there was a way, your guidance, your spiritual perceptions, and treatments gave us the strength to persevere ... and things did work out. Our business is very successful now. Thank you for your help, support, gentleness, kindness, and caring.
• The black spots on my face diagnosed as skin cancer are gone ... without surgery. One day, they seemed to just wash away, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe that they were gone. I went to the doctor to verify that I was healed. The doctor didn’t know what to say as the tests indicated skin cancer. It’s great to be healed! Thank you.  
• I have a working relationship with my parents now, thanks to your help.
• I didn’t see how we could ever buy a house with our bad credit. Yet, the money came through and we are very happy in our new home. Through your help we are taking a new approach to our finances and are meeting all of our bills on time! Thank you ever so much not just for your prayers (treatment work), but for your encouragement, belief in us, and support. I understand now about how, when we align ourselves with Spiritual Law, things begin to work, and God heals!
• After my husband died I couldn’t see any reason to continue living. Now, through your help and spiritual guidance, I am finding my way out of the pit of depression and back into the stream of things. Thank you for helping me find the strength to go on living and giving me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself.
• After my wife left me and told me that our marriage could never be reconciled, I didn't want to live anymore. Through your help, treatment work, patience, and guidance, I found my way back into her heart. After being apart for 4-1/2 months, we are back together again and
working things out. If it hadn't been for your prayers, faith, and guidance, I am not sure what the outcome would have been. Thank you for being there when I needed someone.
• My dog is the only family that I have. When the vets told me she could not live with the injuries she received as a result of being attacked by two large vicious dogs, I did not want to accept that. Thank you for the intense spiritual work you did for her throughout the night. My beloved pet is alive and well today. Thank you ever so much for your help and understanding.
• After my husband's right knee was troublesome for months, and nothing seemed to relieve the pain, it completely healed within two weeks after you began treatment work.
• I am glad to report that I passed my exams. Knowing that God, and you, were in my corner helped my confidence and concentration.
• My beloved pet of 15 years was diagnosed as going blind. Your intense work helped her to regain some of her sight. Your kind words, comfort, and faith certainly helped me a lot as well.
• I had a bad alcoholism problem, nothing seemed to help. Through your prayers, guidance, and spiritual advice, I am pleased to report that it is 6 months, 3 days, and 2 hours that I am sober, as I am writing this. It's a miracle!  
• I was devastated at the loss of my wedding ring, especially since my husband had died just a year ago. The ring had special significance to me. I looked everywhere and could not find it. You explained to me how nothing can be lost in consciousness. I am glad to report that shortly after you began treatment work for the recovery of my ring, I did find it and am again wearing it in memory of my beloved husband. Thank you for your prayers asking that God restore the ring to me.  
• After my son flew off of a swing in a playground, and went flying through the air and landed unconscious with a rock in his spine, we feared the worst.
       The doctor's said there was a possibility of permanent paralysis since my son could not move. Within hours after you began to do treatment work for him, the wound began to rapidly heal and he started to move his arms. The next morning, there was no visible wound on his back, nor a scar from the wound, and he was able to run and play as if the incident never happened.
       The amazing thing is ... this rapid healing began within hours after you began your treatment work, just when things didn't look so good for our son. My husband and I feel that your immediate and on-going treatment work for him helped his rapid healing. Thank you to God for healing our son through your healing prayers and treatments, and for your encouragement to us when things seemed so black.
     NOTE FROM GRACE ... This was what I term my first "spontaneous" healing because this young boy began to rapidly recover, and did recover, within hours after I began treatment work, after the doctor said he wasn't sure about the boy's prognosis since he was unconscious and seemingly unable to move. The doctor felt we were in a “wait-and-see” situation.  
     It is important for you to note that while spontaneous or almost spontaneous healings can occur, most healings evolve. When healings evolve, instead of the healing energy rearranging body cells into a healed state in a flash, it appears that the energy seems to work on the cells one by one and the healing emerges from the existing condition to a healed condition. While spontaneous healing is possible, and I have had several spontaneous healings, most healings generally evolve.
• My calf’s (baby cow’s) leg became broken during birth. The mother stepped on it as it was being born. The calf could not get up with her broken leg and the mother rejected her calf, refusing to feed her. This cow, and her baby were "family members" and our children were heartbroken at the thought that the baby calf
might die. We tried feeding it with a bottle, but the calf wasn’t doing well.  
       A vet came to our ranch and put the calf's leg in a cast, but the calf wouldn't (or couldn't) get up nor walk. It just lay there, wasting away. And, despite all of our efforts, the calf continued to refuse bottle feedings from us and the mother continued to refuse to attend to her calf.
       After you came to our farm and spent some time with the mother cow and her baby calf, it was awesome to watch the little calf get up and walk, leg cast and all, and limp towards her mother. It was equally awesome to see the mother nudge her little calf to her, as the baby fed from its mother. As of this writing, the mother cow and her baby calf are doing fine. The vet says it won't be long until he can take the cast off of the calf.
       In thanksgiving, we have named the calf after you, Grace, only we are calling her "Little Grace." Thank you for making us a happy family again ... for asking God to heal our baby calf and its mother, and thank you to God for doing so.  
• My dog’s dislocated shoulder healed without surgery.
• The sores on my legs are healing. Thank you.