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About the Book

A Highway to healing is an affirmation healing handbook that gives you a quick start to healing yourself using affirmations. It tells about controlled thinking to help make your affirmations effective, explains the "magic" healing power inherent in affirmations, and includes a trouble­shooting section to help you in case you aren't realizing the healing results you hope for or expect. It tells you in a nutshell how to heal situations and conditions in your life in the areas of Health, Money, and Relationships.


A Highway to Healing contains full-color affirmation cards, serial affirmations, and three spiritual healing treatments which you can use directly from the book, or copy, cut apart, and carry with you, and/or you can place the affirmation cards in strategic places to remind you to say your affirmations.


 So, if you are seeking healing, as long as there is a breath of life in you and a willingness to be healed, no matter how dire or hopeless your situation appears, you can realize healing and improvements through the use of the affirma­tions in this book. They have been tested and proven effective, and can help you create a new life for yourself ... one filled with good health, plenty of money, and happy relationships.

About the Author

Grace Michael is an active spiritual healer, meta­physician, religious science practitioner, and meta­physical counselor and has been for the past 15 years. She is dedicated to helping others realize healing. After 35 years of researching, studying, and practicing the many different aspects of spiritual healing, mental healing, and energy healing, she has found that affirma­tions are one of the simplest, easiest to use, and most effective forms of healing for all types of healing needs. She has tested and used the affirmations in this book to help heal herself and others in matters of health, finances, and relation­ship situations, and has proven that they are effective healing tools. She is confi­dent that they will work effectively for you too, and bring healing into your life. Her favorite adage is, "Now is the best time to be healed." And so it is.

Books - Overview
A Highway to Healing
An Affirmation Handbook
Authored by Grace Michael
Publication Date: Sept. 10, 2010
ISBN/EAN13: 1453760504 / 9781453760505
Page Count: 60
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Related Categories: Self-Help / Affirmations
Available as a Printed Book and an E-Book

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Also available as an E-book