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evolve and the evolution can be gradual or rapid, depending on a combination of many factors. The process of healing can occur as a direct result of the healing energy transforming and making changes at a material level in the body, finances, relationships, or spiritual atmosphere, of it can boost and assist other healing methods in progress (medical healing, prayer, other forms of alternative medicine, or financial/relationship/spiritual counseling resources and aids).  

Spiritual Energy Healing Treatments differ from other forms of spiritual healing, such as affirmations or meditations because:

• They follow a 7-step spiritual healing method (info).
• One treatment lasts about 40 minutes during which intense healing energy is created and directed towards the healing need.
• The treatment includes, but is not limited to, any or all of the following, usually during step 5 of the treatment:
Healing for the body:
◊ Spiritual Energy Transfusion
◊ Spiritual Energy Infusion(s)
◊ Spiritual Laser Beams precisely aimed at the affected parts of the body that need healing
◊ Color energies if indicated (depends on the part of the body needing healing, and the type of healing needed).

Healing for finances, relationships:
Finances and relationship healings are always done on a conditional basis* rather than on an absolute basis** because the healing involves more than one person or persons (and/or entities such as work places, banks, etc.).
** A conditional basis directs the energy to find the best possible solution for all parties concerned.
** An absolute basis directs the energy to create and manipulate events to bring the desired outcome. This cannot be done because of free will, an irrevocable gift given to us by our Creator. Here is an example:
Example: If Person A desires the love of (and marriage to) Person B, spiritual energy-healing treatment work should never be done with the intent to force or manipulate Person B to love Person A as that would be a violation of Person B’s free will (Person B might not want to get married, or might want to marry someone else). So, in cases like this, the conditional work is done to bring the desired outcome if at all possible, and if not possible, then to find a viable and acceptable outcome for the highest good of all involved persons.
• Treatment work includes, but is not limited to, any or all of the following, usually during Step 5 of the treatment:
◊ Spiritual Energy is aimed at the involved individuals, and at the problem as a help to bring peace as quickly as possible to the situation, and to help reduce the magnitude of the problem.
◊ The desired outcome is visualized, then created in mind (spirit) with conditional energy.

Healing for spiritual concerns (psychic attacks, dimensional breaks, mental conditions resulting from spiritual attacks or breaks):
Spiritual Energy is created and used for:
◊ Shielding - to protect the individual from psychic attacks/attackers and dimensional breaks. If a dimensional break is found to exist, spiritual energy is used to help close the break.
◊ Reflecting and Deflecting - to further protect the individual being attacked and from dimensional invasions.
◊ Spiritual Bubble Containment - contains the individual in a safe place. The energy creating the bubble only allows good to penetrate and enter and works to prevent negative energies, attackers, and dimensional influences to enter the bubble.
◊ Spiritual Laser Beams - used as a means to stop the attackers, and close dimensional breaks.
◊ Color energies if indicated - to add further protection to the individual being attacked, to neutralize the unwanted energies, and to discourage dimensional aliens.

What to expect:
    Help. A boost in healing.

     Spiritual-energy healing treatments are very powerful in themselves, but when they are combined with other types of healing, a synergistic* effect often occurs and the effectiveness of the spiritual healing treatment and other types of healing you may be  
using are usually synergistically** increased.

** synergism (definition): The working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.
** synergistic/synergistically: Working together with synergism.  

     Some individuals realize immediate help from the spiritual healing energy treatment, others do not. Either way, the energy that is created during a spiritual healing treatment is beneficial and an aid to bringing the best possible outcome in a situation.

     Note: The above is for information purposes only. Spiritual-Energy healing treatments should not be used to replace any type of medical care, treatment, or medications. They are not a guarantee or promise to healing.* The above techniques have been tried by me and I found the techniques helpful and effective in most, but not all cases.

* Mainstream medical doctors cannot and do not legally or ethically promise healing, as the result of treatments and/or medications.
Healing Treatments bring peace, comfort, and help in times
of need.
What Are Private, Individualized Spiritual
Healing Treatments?

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Private, individualized Spiritual Energy Healing Treatments are a healing tool used to heal any kind of unwanted condition that affects health, finances, relationships, or spirituality. They are called Spiritual-Energy Healing Treatments because they are spiritual in nature meaning they lack material body, form or substance. They cannot be seen or touched, but the energy from them can at times be felt by some individuals.

Spiritual-energy healing treatments are a form of energy created by the mind (thought) and are sometimes referred to as “mental healing.”

The energy from spiritual-energy healing treatments impact the unwanted situation or condition with a thrust of healing energy which can weaken and reverse the unwanted condition. The treatments can and often do greatly speed up and assist healing.

Spiritual-energy healing treatments have the power to bring spontaneous healings. However, this is not the norm. Healings usually