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When It Comes to Healing

Today I Feel Rushed

A Spiritual Healing Treatment for Prosperity

More on Money and Finances

Treatment for Money/ Financial Aid

Spiritual Healing Is a Technique Used to Heal Unwanted Situations and Conditions

When It Comes to Healing - The Proof Is in the Pudding

The use of affirmations is a very effective way of realizing healing and on-going health. If you say the following affirmations every day, at least three times a day (takes about 15 seconds each time), you can virtually count on improvements in your health and well-being. But, you have to say these affirmations faithfully, and conscientiously, and think about what you are saying (not rattling them off while you are watching TV or doing something else), and you must visualize health and healing in your mind. The proof is in the pudding. Try it - you just might feel better!

Affirmations for healing and health. Graphic - flowers.

• I am ready to receive the healing God has for me. I receive it now.

• Every day in every way I feel better and better.

• It is good to be healthy. I am healthy now.

• I see myself as healthy.

• I move through life in health. I am healthy now.

• As I think thoughts of health and healing, I become healthier and healthier. I am well and healed. (Back to top)

I am healthy!
I have abundant energy, vitality, and well-being.

Today I Feel Rushed

Today I feel rushed because
It seems I have too many things to
do, and too little time.

Then I think of the Higher Power
Who created our world, our universe. 

This Power keeps everything working in harmony.

I call upon this Power now 
To help me harmonize my life.
To guide me to do the important
things, and let the rest go,
To work themselves out.

I receive the guidance that I seek.
It comes to me in thought (intuition).
And, with it, I feel the great peace of knowing what to do next,
And then doing it.
Thank you God, for helping me create harmony in my life.
And so it is. (Back to top)

Affirmations, time and harmony. Graphic - time / harmony.

Time runs away from me

When I have too much to do.

With the help of my Higher Power

I create harmony in life.

Thank you, God, for giving me all the time I need!

A Spiritual Healing Treatment for Prosperity

The following spiritual healing treatment for prosperity was written by Judy Kay in Kansas City, Missouri. It is an extremely powerful healing treatment that can help bring finances, love, and health to you as you work to think thoughts of prosperity and healing, and attract your greater good to you. Try it. I think you'll like the results.

Peace and spiritual love,
Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and Metaphysician

A Spiritual Healing Treatment
by Judy Kay

As the One Infinite Power balances the Universe,

I am grateful for the Law of Attraction.

I am a mighty magnet, attracting what I focus on.

Spiritual Healing Treatment for Prosperity. Graphic, magnets attracing prosperity.

I am a mighty magnet

Attracting what I focus on.

I choose to think thoughts of prosperity,

And thereby draw more prosperity to me.

And so it is.

I choose to focus on and think thoughts of prosperity, and draw more prosperity to me.

I steer away from thoughts of lack and limitation, knowing if I focus on that, I draw more lack and limitation to me.

I am a conscious co-creator of my experience.

I am so grateful that the Law of Attraction is scientific and unprejudiced.

I am so grateful that faith and persistence pay off.

And so it is.

Judy Kay, Kansas City, Missouri, 10/24/2011 (Back to top)

More on Money and Finances

I received an e-mail from Patricia Richardson in Missouri. She told me she is ready to be wealthy, vibrantly healthy, and energized. She wrote, "I am praying for creativity to break loose the bondage I feel. I am ready for new things and new income sources – plentiful, abundant, and free-flowing." She ended her e-mail with the affirmation:

"My satchel overflows with the green stuff to pay bills and enjoy life. Amen!”

Her enthusiasm is catching and I couldn't help but pass her words on to you because the energy created by enthusiasm is extremely powerful in bringing abundance to us. Conversely, a negative or drab belief about not being able to break the bonds that bind you in debt will bring you a continuation of lack, tight finances, and debt.

Remember, Spiritual Law tells us, "As in mind, so in manifestation." If we believe abundance will come to us, then we can and will realize it as long as we do all we can to bring it about while believing. God doesn’t just create $50,000 and hand it to us, but God will open the doors that will bring us abundance in ways known and unknown, and in ways unforeseen.

I am free of lack and limitation!

My money grows and grows!

My finances increase and multiply!

Abundance is mine now!

• I break loose from
the bondage of
debt and poverty.

• I am ready for
new things … for new income pathways that are plentiful, abundant and free-flowing, and they come to me now.

My satchel overflows with the green stuff to pay bills and enjoy life.

And so it is.

             Patricia Richardson

And it works both ways. If you are wishing for abundance but your mind is filled with fears and beliefs that you can't find your way to abundance, then that is what you will realize ... a continuation of debt, tight funds, and lack of money.

So the idea is to create the abundance in your thinking, do all you can to make it a reality, and it will manifest in ways known and unknown, and in ways unforeseen. Spiritual Law makes it so. And so it is.

Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and Metaphysician  (Back to top)

Treatment for Money / Financial Aid

Since the mind creates and directs energy, direct your mind to create healing energies that will help you in financial need - whether to pay a bill, buy a loved one a gift, or just to buy something for yourself that will cheer your heart and brighten your day. To help accomplish this, say:

E-mail me and let me know what gifts of money God sent you today.

Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and Metaphysician  (Back to top)

Spiritual Healing Is a Technique Used to Heal Unwanted Situations and Conditions

Spiritual healing is a technique, method, and process of using thought and energy to bring healing to a condition or situation. It can be used to heal illness and disease, financial needs, and difficult, troublesome relationships. Although I have realized many healings in the areas of finances and relationships, I primarily use spiritual healing techniques to heal health issues in humans and animals, but mostly humans.

Spiritual healing should never replace medical care just as medical care should never replace the practice of spiritual healing. Each heals in a different way, and what one method can’t heal, the other method often does. When used together, you have the greatest chance of becoming healed.

Questions? E-mail me.

Grace Michael
Spiritual Healer and Metaphysician   (Back to top)

Today the Higher Power brings money to me in great abundance, in ways known and unknown … to meet my every need with some to share and some to spare. I give thanks as I receive and accept this abundance of money now. And so it is.

I see money flowing to me now.

Graphic with affirmation: An abundance of money comes to me now.

There are many spiritual healing techniques used for healing. All use the power and energies of the mind as the foundation for healing. The mind creates and directs energy in various ways to bring about healings. It takes practice to learn to create and direct healing energy, but it is well worth the effort since it can and does work.