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•  Heal your body in just 6 minutes a day.

•  Harness your mind energy and use it to help heal yourself.

•  Develop affirmation/spiritual healing techniques that can transform your life from illness to wellness.

Affirmation Healing, the book that tells you how to:


  A Guide

   to Self

As you learn the techniques, expect and realize

Affirmation Healing - A Guide to Self Healing, lays a foundation for healing of the human body

The first half of the book contains all of the information you need to know in order to make healing work for you. It includes the principles of spiritual law which when practiced correctly, creates energy that can and will heal, and tells in detail how to create affirmations that will be successful in helping to heal you. Affirmation Healing alerts you to pitfalls and errors that can delay or prevent your healing.

Step-by-step instructions, examples, explain what to do and how to realize healings and health improvements

This book takes all of the guesswork out of what you should do and say, and when and how. It includes step-by-step instructions telling how to create and say affirmations properly so that you can realize improvements and healings in your health.  

Affirmation Healing contains worksheets (see examples) which you can write on and which act as a guide in person­al­iz­ing your affirmations for your healing need. Personalizing your affirmations greatly speeds up healing because you are specifically and directly targeting a parti­cu­lar healing need.

None of your affirmation time will be spent in fumbling around wondering what to do and say. By using your worksheet as a guide, you will know exactly what to do and say, and when, and how. This makes your affirmations more effective, helping to move you more rapidly towards your healing.

It’s better to write on copies of the worksheets found in your book rather than writing directly on the pages of your book. If you copy out the worksheets you will always have fresh worksheets to write on, instead of trying to erase and reuse the worksheets in your book. Using your scanner/ printer is a good way to copy the worksheets out of your book.

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6 Minutes A Day!

You will need to spend at least
6 minutes a day saying affirmations in order to realize healing - 3 min­utes in the morn­ing, and 3 min­utes in the evening.
Affirmation Healing contains new, unique healing techniques
This book contains 8 new affirmation healing techniques which were given to the author by a Higher Power. She has documented these techniques, and thoroughly tested them first on herself, then on other people with their permission, and then on pets. She found that the new techniques worked and rapidly brought improvements or total healing to unwanted health conditions. She also found that you can realize healing success in just 6 minutes a day!
Anyone can use these techniques to help heal any condition. Time and time again they have been tested and time and time again they work (disclaimer).
In instances when medical help is needed, the affirmation techniques in this book help speed up the healing process and symbiotically and synergistically work with medications and medical treatment. When you use the techniques in Affirmation Healing, you create an atmosphere of healing that can and will help to heal you.
Affirmation Healing is a book that guides you step-by-step,
telling you all you need to know to create and use
affirmations to help heal yourself.

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•  Being able to do things you couldn’t do before.

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