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Are Spiritual-Energy Healing Treatments
Right For Everyone?
Healing Treatments bring peace, comfort, and help in times
of need.
Although these healing treatments are very effective and very powerful, they are not a therapeutic method that will work for every­one, and in some instances they should not be used at all. It may not be apparent on the surface that someone does not want to become healed or have their health improved but these factors exist, and if they do, they will usually surface after a person begins to improve and heal.

Here are some reasons why people don’t want to be healed, and if healing has started, they want the healing work stopped and actually reversed so they can revert to their original condition because they were happier being sick than becoming well, even though being sick involved suffering:

• As healing begins, certain elements in the lives of the ailing people begin to change and some suddenly realize they don’t like the changes. They found that being sick had “benefits” which they didn’t want to lose by becoming healed. Here are some examples of “benefits” of being sick:
1) They liked that people doted over them and fussed over them and gave them extra attention.
2) They liked that people did things for them (shopped for them, bathed them, cleaned the house for them, took care of the kids).
3) They liked the sympathy and pity they received when things went wrong.
4) They basked in the praise given to them for “being brave and uncomplaining” during their suffering and/or hard times.
• Some people find as they begin to heal, that they don’t want to do (or don’t like to do) things for themselves that others did for them when they were sick such as:
1) Bathing themselves.
2) Cleaning the house.
3) Taking care of the kids.   
• Some also found that didn’t want to take on responsibilities or do other things that were expected of them that were not expected of them when they were ailing, such as:
1) Getting a job and going to work daily.
2) Supporting one’s self.
3) Having sex with one’s spouse when sex was absent during the illness.   
There is also a financial aspect that needs to be considered if healing of the body takes place. Individuals who have been on disability pay and/or who have been receiving medical aid over a period of time through various sources (such as the government and drug manufacturers) realize if they become healed they will lose this disability income and other types of financial aid which they may be receiving. While some simply do not want to give it up, others cannot afford to give it up for a number of economic and personal reasons.

So, when healing becomes possible, some individuals either consciously or subconsciously reject it, and the dis-eased condition is retained in order to maintain the “benefits” realized by having the illness.

The conscious or subconscious rejection of being healed is, in its own way,
a form of healing, because for many people, when they realize or accept the idea that healing (in the form of giving up an illness) is not for them, they find peace in living with themselves and their ailment even if it means they will suffer in the process. They are compensated for their suffering by being taken care of. There is nothing wrong with this really because some people prefer to be taken care of while others really like to take care of others (even if they complain in the process). So healing can come in many forms, in many ways.

Often when healings do not appear to be successful, it is not because the healer has not done his/her work or that the methods used were not proven to be successful
but rather, because the healing work may have been negated by the person requesting healing or more work is required due to Race Consciousness (example: beliefs in "incurable" diseases as defined by the medical profession).
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