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Psychic Attacks - Are You a Victim or a Perpetrator?

Sometimes when people are having a run of bad luck, they say that they are under psychic attack and that this attack is the cause of their adversity. Some psychic-attack experts allege that psychic attacks are mental assaults put upon us by another person or group of persons which bring about negativity (adversity) in our physical lives. Others say that when we think we are experiencing a psychic attack, it isn't a psychic attack at all, but rather an awareness of another dimension and we don't know how to deal with it. Most forget to mention that in many instances, we unknowingly create the negative energy which, like a boomerang, rebounds back to us causing the psychic attack.

About Psychic Attacks

• A psychic attack is negative energy working to adversely affect our behavior, well-being, peace of mind, health, finances, and/or relationships.

• Psychic attacks can be conscious or subconscious, intended or unintended, random or planned.

• Recipients of psychic attacks can be victims (if the negative energy emanates from other persons or dimensions) or perpetrators (if the negative energy is created from within themselves by negative thoughts, words, or actions).

What to do if you feel you are under a psychic attack

If you are under a psychic attack, in many cases you can stop the attack and negate it by following a few simple steps:

1) Immediately realize that you are not helpless, that there are things that you can do to neutralize the attack, regardless of its source (from someone else or from a rebound from your own thinking).

2) Since you are under a mental attack (thought attack) or assault, you can only neutralize the attack mentally with thought, and not by any physical means such as a weapon or encasement which would normally protect you from physical harm. Since you need to fight a mental assault with your mind, mentally create a bright light that surrounds you and which is impenetrable so that it can and will protect you from any and all external forces and energies. You may have to visualize yourself in this light several times a day, for several days, and for several uninterrupted minutes at a time in order to build up a strong enough energy field that can and will prevent external energies from reaching you. You may have to repeat this process frequently over a period of one or two days or longer. Protective energy created and then repeatedly renewed over a period of time is cumulative - the protective energy field will grow larger and stronger each time you work with it to keep yourself safe and free from external forces and energies.

3) Mentally give conditional direction (instructions) to your protective energy field as follows:

• If the source of the attack is coming from someone or somewhere unknown to you, reflect the negative energies away from you, asking the Higher Power to use this energy for greater good wherever it is most needed. You may have to, at frequent intervals, concentrate on reflecting the energy away from you.

• If the source of the attack is a rebound from your thoughts or emotions or a situation currently in your life, invert the energy by changing your thinking from negative to positive. Then the new positive energy can and will flow into your life and work to heal and cleanse any damage that might have occurred to your health, finances, or relationships from the negative energy, and the positive energy will bring you awareness of what negative thought, emotion, situation, action, or condition in your life needs your attention and correction. Then make the necessary adjustments in your life to correct the source of negativity flowing from you.

In conclusion

If you are having a run of bad luck, and think it might be the result of a psychic attack, remember, that whether the attack originates from an outside source (other persons or dimensions) or as a rebound of your own thoughts, there is always something you can do to stop it cold and negate any damage it may have caused.


Grace Michael has learned that although some psychic attacks can be debilitating -- strong, positive mental energies can stop them cold and can often negate the damage they have done. Grace is a metaphysician and spiritual healer who has fought many psychic battles over the years, bringing peace and healing in warring situations. Since psychic attacks are mental, remember that no matter how difficult a situation is, you can ALWAYS realize immediate help through the mental powers in your own mind to bring peace, healing, and positivity into your life. For more information about how to heal yourself, please visit Grace's website at http://www.affirmationhealing.com/.

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