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A Tip to Help You Heal Yourself - Practice Expectancy

As you seek healing, sometimes you seem to have to wait and wait and wait and it just doesn't come. What can you do to help make it happen? Several things, but one of the most important of all is to expect healing.

Expectancy is a key ingredient to healing. If you don't expect healing as you seek to become well, you may not realize healing for the following reasons:

Lack of expectancy and doubt defeat physical healing because they bring fear, worry, depression, and sadness to you. This in turn causes your body chemistry to change in a negative way. The physical and emotional changes you experience when lack of expectancy and doubt are present during an illness usually result in your not eating well, sleeping well, or accomplishing much during the day. There is a tendency of not wanting to do anything but lay around and do nothing all day. Doubt caused by lack of expectancy causes your mind to be filled with the kinds of thoughts:

1. Fear - What if I don't get well, can't get well?

2. Worry - I may never get well, I'll never be able to do the things that I want to do.

3. Depression - Life isn't worth living since I'm sick all the time.

4. Sadness - I can't be happy when I'm sick.

These kinds of thoughts often add symptoms to your already existing illness which then in turn may need treatment as well as your original illness. Healing treatments can be any, all, or a combination of the following:

1. Medical treatment under the care of a doctor or other type of medical practitioner.

2. Medical self-treatment which you give to yourself by using over-the-counter medications. Self-treatment may/may not include special exercises or a special diet.

3. Spiritual healing treatments.

4. Prayer.

5. Any other means you use to help yourself become healed

Lack of expectancy and doubt defeat spiritual healing because according to Spiritual Law, you create and manifest according to the energies of your thinking. If you don't expect to be healed, you won't be, if you are filled with doubts about becoming healed, then your thinking is focused on doubt, not on healing or wellness, and according to Spiritual Law instead of creating energy to heal yourself, you will be creating energies that will fulfill your doubts (I can't get well, I'm always sick, etc.) and you won't get well. However, if you fill your mind and thoughts with expectancy of becoming healed (I can get well, I am healing), then you will be creating energies that will fulfill your expectations of healing and healing improvements.

It is important that you EXPECT to become healed not just HOPE to be healed. There is a difference between expecting and hoping. Hope implies uncertainty, doubt. It means that you have a strong desire to be healed but you aren't really sure if you will or won't be healed. Expectancy on the other hand declares certainty - you know that healing is coming, it's a sure thing, you know that you will be healed.   

If I just can't believe that I will be healed ... how can I expect it?

If you can't believe you will be healed or expect healing, then PRACTICE believing and expecting - it's almost as good. The way to do this is to repeatedly, consciously, and deliberately tell yourself that you are going to be healed no matter how things look. When doubts or fear or worry come into your mind, you deliberately replace the negative thought with a positive thought. One way to do this is to mentally paste one postage stamp over another. The first postage stamp says, "I can't be healed." The second postage stamps says, "I can be healed." You paste the second postage stamp over the first. This mental action obliterates the idea of illness and fills your mind with wellness and healing. It is a very effective healing tool.

Note: You can create many different kinds of postage stamp pictures to help heal yourself instead of using the words "I can't be healed / I can be healed.". Example: Postage stamp #1 is a picture of yourself being ill, and postage stamp #2 is a picture of yourself completely healed. You can create as many pictures as you need to help heal yourself as long as picture #1 depicts the illness in some way and is immediately replaced by picture #2 which always depicts you in a healed state. It is important that you never allow picture #1 to remain in your mind for more than a second or two. It must be covered immediately by picture #2. Picture #2 must always obliterates picture #1, indicating that the illness is gone, wiped out, healed.

What if you expect to be healed and you don't become healed despite all of your expectations?

Don't give up. Continue to expect healing while you continue to do all you can to help yourself become healed. There are many medical doctors who have different methods of treatment and when one doctor or type of medical treatment doesn't heal you, another doctor or type of medical treatment might. Expect to find the doctor who will use a method that will heal you. If you are using over-the-counter medications to heal yourself and you aren't becoming healed, try another brand, or ask your pharmacist for suggestions. If one thing doesn't work, another might. And the same goes for spiritual healing. There are many spiritual healers, many spiritual healing methods, and many types of prayer that can be used for healing. If one doesn't work, another might. So, as  you seek healing, expect to find the method that will heal you. Expectancy is not only a necessary ingredient to becoming healed, it is an excellent healing tool that can be a determining factor in how quickly you can realize your healing.


Grace Michael is a practicing spiritual healer who has learned the great value of using expectancy as a healing tool to help realize healings. In testing the validity of expectancy, it became apparent to Grace that expectancy creates healing energies that 1) work to heal the body and 2) change existing body chemistry in ways that promote healing. You can learn more about Grace and healing at http://www.affirmationhealing.com/.

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