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When You Become Sick - What Is the First Thing You Should Do to Become Healed?

Whether it's a headache, a stomach ache, or something worse, what should you do to become healed? The answer varies depending on the person and the situation. Some people head for a doctor, others for a pharmacy to buy an over-the-counter preparation they hope will help, some do nothing and hope for the best, while others seek healing through spiritual healing or prayer.

If one method of healing doesn't work, many people will try one thing after another until they find something that will give them relief. It isn't always easy to know what to do or where to go to seek healing because a person's choices can be overwhelming. Consider:

• Medical practitioners are practicing medicine in over 200 recognized branches of medicine.

• There are over 300 types of recognized alternative healing methods a person can choose from

• There are thousands of over-the-counter medications waiting to be bought.

With all these options available, how can a person know what to do? How does one choose? Is there one, just one very important thing that everyone should do first in order to help themselves feel better and hopefully become healed? If so, what is it?

The very first thing that everyone should do when they become sick is to adopt a positive attitude. You can't always help what happens to you, but you can always choose what to do about what happens to you. You can decide how you will behave in a situation, if you will act positively or negatively, if you will do everything you can to help yourself become healed or if you will sit around and do nothing, often crying and feeling sorry for yourself in the process.

There are benefits to behaving positively regardless of how dire your situation may be. or how difficult it may be to behave positively. Following are a few examples of how being positive or negative can help move you towards or away from healing. In the examples, the positive choices and actions are listed at the beginning of each example and the negative choices are listed at the end of the example.

As you read the examples below ask yourself which of your actions (positive or negative) and which of your behavior choices (positive or negative) would:

1) Help you to feel better and benefit you - or do the opposite?

2) Help you to heal and become whole - or delay healing?

3) Make people want to be around your and/or help you - or avoid you?

Then you can decide if you want to adopt a positive attitude or just be miserable about the situation (a negative attitude).

Example #1 - HEADACHE: Take an over-the-counter headache preparation to relieve the pain (if it is safe for you to use) OR do nothing and suffer?

Example #2 - CANCER: Seek medical help, pray, use additional alternative healing methods if indicated OR cry, feel sorry for yourself, complain, don't do what the doctors say, lay around waiting to die, and suffer, suffer, suffer.

Example #3 - AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT WITH INJURIES: Follow the doctor's orders, go to physical therapy, take your medications, be cooperative with and pleasant to those attending to your care OR crab, complain, and be uncooperative about everything; dwell and meditate on each ache and pain, whine about your suffering, don't take your meds, feel sorry for yourself, and etc., etc., etc.

Example #4 - LOSE 20 POUNDS: Be cheerful as you plan your diet. If you can't be cheerful, then at least act cheerful. Acting cheerful even when you don't feel that way will help a lot as acting cheerful changes the chemistry in your body in a positive way and will actually help you to begin feeling cheerful. Eat low-calorie nutritious meals and snacks; exercise, and look forward to the new "20-pounds-thinner" you OR complain and gripe about the things you can't eat, whine frequently (or constantly) about how hungry you are, crab about your clothes being too tight, envy others because they can eat what they want and look good and you can't, and on and on and on.

No matter what happens to you, you always have a choice about your thinking and your behavior, whether you realize it or not... a choice to be positive or negative. Positive attitudes and behaviors don't just happen. They are often the result of discipline and practice, but are well worth the effort because of the good outcomes they produce.

If you choose a positive attitude and follow through with positive behavior you will feel better, help yourself to heal and become whole, and people will like being around you.

If you choose a negative attitude and have accompanying negative behavior, chances are your condition will worsen, healing will be delayed, and people won't want to be around you or help you.

So remember, when you become sick, the first thing you should do in order to become healed is to adopt a positive attitude that will lead you to positive action that will lead you to healing and to people wanting to help you and be around you.


Grace Michael has learned how to use and apply the great powers and benefits inherent in positive thinking to first heal herself and then help others to become healed and improve their lives. Positive thinking and positive behavior are ingredients necessary to healing. In addition to being a researcher, teacher, and author in spiritual healing, she is a metaphysician and spiritual healer helping others to achieve and realize greater health and success in their lives. You can learn more about Grace at http://www.affirmationhealing.com/.

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