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The 7-Steps of a Spiritual-Energy
Healing Treatment
Healing Treatments bring peace, comfort, and help in times
of need.
1)  Recognition – I recognize that there is a Higher Power who can and will help me (my clients), and who responds to my thoughts and words in accord with Spiritual Law.
2)  Unity – I unite myself (my clients) with God, making us one. There is no separation, we are unified in thought and spirit.
3)  Affirmation – I affirm the Truth of my being (my client’s being), the true nature of God as me (as my client) which is perfection. I do not look at appearances (illness, symptoms, suffering, lack, troublesome relationships) but rather the Truth of the situation (seeing the illness as healed, the symptoms dissipated, suffering replaced with health, abundance, satisfying/happy relationships). As I work with Truth in detail, I create both an atmosphere for healing and healing energies which go forth to do their perfect healing work in accord with the Laws of Physics and Spiritual Law.
4)  Rejection/Denial – I reject and deny the need for any and all negation (illness, lack, limitation, troublesome relationship) to exist. I reject and deny that its existence, as a whole or in part,
is the true nature of my being (my client’s being). Each lie (symptom, problem, troublesome area) is replaced with Truth as I accept only good in my life (my client’s life).
5)  Reaffirmation – I reaffirm the Truth of my being (my client’s being) and once again detail those Truths in regard to the situation to be healed (here detail the truths mentally). I reflect again on the true nature of God (perfection) and claim God’s perfection as my own (my client’s). I dissolve all illness, symptoms, and negation, and I affirm an end to this condition as the perfection of God manifests itself now in my life (my client’s life) as healing, wholeness, health, abundance, healthy relationships (as applicable).
6)  Gratitude/Thanksgiving – I express gratitude for my healing (my client’s healing) and I give thanks for it. I see it as accomplished in accord with Spiritual Law. I receive and accept these Truths of healing, wholeness, health, abundance, good relationships (as applicable) for myself (for my client).
7)  Release – I release this perfected picture of the desired healing to God, the Higher Power, knowing that it will manifest as I have created it in Mind. All worries and concerns regarding this condition are released for my healing work is done. I have created healing energies according to Spiritual Law and have sent them forth through God to do their perfect healing work to bring healing to me (my client) and this is being accomplished now.
And so it is.

Universal mini healing-treatment/prayer:
     I know and trust that the Power of God moves in me (in my client), around me (around my client), and through me (through my client), to create my healing (my client’s healing) and perfect my _____ (body, finances, relation­ships) / my client’s ______ (body, finances, relation­ships). God brings the healing forth and makes it manifest so I (my client) (everyone) can see, feel, and live the evidence of it.
     Thanks be to God. And so it is.
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